Contribute to national reconciliation, peace, and human rights development.

Mission & Vision

Mission 과거의 기억, 현재의 통합, 미래의 평화
Vision Promoting peace and human rights with the public
as a special representative institute for the forced mobilization

The Foundation’s core mission is to contribute to national reconciliation while supporting and compensating the victims and survivors of the forced mobilization by the Japan, pursuant to the ‘Investigation of Forced Mobilization during the Opposition to Japan and Support for Victims of Overseas Forced Mobilization Act’. It also seeks to enhance world peace and the value of universal human rights.

Pledge to our Patrons

The management and staff of the Foundation for Victims of Forced Mobilization by Imperial Japan will endeavor to empathize with the agony and pain of the victims and casualties of the forced mobilization by Japan, and recognize the responsibilities to promote peace, human rights, national harmony, and public benefit by committing to the following:

  1. The Foundation will always be open to hearing from the victims, casualties, bereaved families and the public by providing individual-focused services.
  2. The Foundation will respect visitors and their perspectives at the National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation and provide quality service.
  3. The Foundation will make reasonable decisions based on honoring the principles and gaining the trust of surviving victims, bereaved families and the public.
  4. The Foundation will address new challenges with a creative spirit and carry out the Foundation’s projects and purpose fairly and promptly.
  5. The Foundation will always work with integrity and disclose relevant information transparently.